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Sonatas for cello and piano:


J. S. Bach  

1. Sonata in G Major BWV 1027

2. Sonata in D Major BWV 1028

3. Sonata in G Minor BWV 1029

L. v Beethoven  

1.Sonata in F major no. 1. op. 5

2.Sonata in G minor no. 2. op. 5

3.Sonata in A major no. 3.op. 69

4.Sonata in C major no. 4. op. 102

5.Sonata in D major no. 5. op. 102

F. Schubert

Arpeggione sonata D.821

F. Mendelsohn

1. Sonata in B Flat Major op.45

2. Sonata in D Major op.58

J. Brahms

1. Sonata in E Minor op.38

2. Sonata in F Major op.99

R. Strauss

Sonata in F Major op.6


Sonata in G Minor op.65


C. Franck

Sonata in A Major

E. Grieg

Sonata in A Minor op.36

G. Faure

1. Sonata in D minor Op. 109

2. Sonata in G minor Op. 117


E. Lalo

Sonata in A Minor

C. Debussy

Sonata in D Minor 

F. Poulenc

Sonata op.143


S. Rachmaninov

Sonata in G Minor op.19

A. Borodin

Sonata in B Minor

B. Britten

Sonata in C Major op.65

F. Bridge

Cello Sonata in D Minor H.125

S. Barber

Sonata in C Minor op.6


D. Schostakovich 

Sonata in D Minor op.40


S. Prokofiev

Sonata in C Major op.119


N. Miaskovsky

1. Sonata in D Major op.12

2. Sonata in A Minor op.81

A. Schnittke

2 Sonatas

P. Maxwell-Davies

Sonata "Sequentia Serpentigena"

P. Hindemith

Sonata in E Major

B. Martinu

1. Sonata H.277

2. Sonata H.286

3. Sonata H.340

Pieces & other chamber works:


L. v Beethoven

Complete Variations Cycles


R. Schumann

Adagio and Allegro

Fantasy pieces

5 Pieces in Folkstyle


F. Chopin

Introduction and Polonaise Brilliant 
Grand duo


A. Piazzolla

La grand tango 


C. Beffa



B. Martinu

Variations on Rossini theme
Variations on Slovak theme 


M. Borboudakis


E. Nemtsova



I. Stravinsky

Italien Suite


L. Janacek



A. Schnittke

Suite in old style


M. De Falla

Suite Espagnole


W. Lutoslawski


"Mikhail and Elena Nemtsov are a fine duo who play with unity and spirit. I thoroughly enjoyed their concert."
Trevor Pinnock

The Nemtsovs & friends-Larger Chamber works

W. Mozart

Piano trios KV 496,502

and quartets in G Minor, KV 478 & in E flat Major KV493


J. Haydn

Piano trios op.67, 86

L. Boccherini

String quintets G337-339

F. Schubert

Piano trios in B flat Major D898 & E flat Major D929

String quintet in C Major D956

F. Mendelssohn

String Octet op.20

J. Brahms

Piano trios op.8, 87 & 101

Piano quartets op.25, 26 & 60

Piano quintet op.34

String sextetts op.18 & 36

A. Dvorak

Piano quintet op.81

P. Tchaikovsky

Piano trio in A Minor op.50

S. Rachmaninov

2 Piano trios in G Minor and D Minor op.9

D. Shostakovich

2 PIano trios in C Minor op.8 & E Minor op.67

PIano quintet in G Minor op.57

Solo, double and triple Concertos

L. v Beethoven Triple Concerto for piano, violin, cello & orchestra op.56

J. Brahms, Double Concerto for violin, cello & orchestra op.102

F. Mendelssohn, Double concerto for piano, violin and strings

L. Boccherini/Grützmacher, concerto in B flat Major for cello and orchestra

J. Haydn, C Major & D Major concertos for cello and orchestra


R. Schumann, concerto in A Minor for cello and orchestra, op.129

A. Dvorak, concerto in B Minor for cello and orchestra, op.104

P. Tchaikovsky, Rococo Variations for cello and orchestra, op.33

E. Elgar, concerto in E Minor for cello and orchestra, op.85

C. Saint-Saens, concerto nr. 1 in A Minor for cello and orchestra, op.33

D. Shostakovich, concerto nr 1 in E flat Major for cello and orchestra,


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